Pollock Krasner Grant: Generous Support for Mid to Advanced Career Artists Focused in Painting

Founded by Lee Krasner, pioneering abstract expressionist and partner of Jackson Pollock, in 1985, The Pollock Krasner Foundation was set up for the sole purpose of providing financial support directly to individual artists. Of all the institutions profiled on our site, Pollock Krasner Grant recipients are perhaps the most wide ranging. In fact, according to their website

The Foundation is pleased to report that since its inception in 1985, it has awarded over 4,400 grants totaling over 71 million dollars to artists in 77 countries.

This is an astounding contribution to the success of untold artists. Thankfully, the foundation maintains a continually updated database of grant recipients. Those considering applying for these grants should familiarize themselves with the work of past recipients, as PKF grants are most often awarded by artists dedicated to the medium of painting (with periodic exceptions).

Pollock Krasner Grant, Pollock in the Studio

Notable Grant Winners

The Pollock Foundation Grants have gone to a wide range of exciting artists across the globe. Some notable recipients include:

How Much Is a Pollock Krasner Grant?

The Pollock Krasner Grant amount varies from $5,000 to $30,000 depending on need and circumstances. The foundation does not specify in exact terms how they define what constitutes need and circumstances, nor do they make clear exactly who reviews applications, so artists should research past recipients to determine if their work and resume would warrant a grant.

Grant Application Specifics

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis online which is great news for artists seeking funding, but keep in mind response times can be up to 9 months. It is nice to see an organization offer this level of flexibility. Busy artists needn’t worry about meeting application deadlines, you can simply apply when you are ready.

On the surface, the application itself seems simple. The website states the application process only requires an application form, a cover letter, a current resume including an exhibition record, and ten digital images of current work with a corresponding identification list. In reality, after you sign up for a profile on the PKF Grant website, you will find, like the Gottlieb Foundation, you also must submit financial statements and contact information for recommendation letters.

This information is not made available in the FAQ, they only request it from you once you set up a profile and the website and begin your application. In the age of data breaches, you should always vet the people who are collecting your information and for what purpose. Clearly, the Foundation is using this information to determine financial need amongst applicants, but it begs the question-who among us, as working artists, doesn’t already have major financial need?

You should also consider the likelihood of actually winning one of these grants and weigh that against the need to call in a recommendation (pro tip: use your best recommenders sparingly-they are busy people!).

Who Juries the Pollock Krasner Grant?

According to the website, The Pollock Krasner Foundation Grants are selected via this process:

“Officers and Directors are advised in the selection process by a distinguished Committee of Selection comprised of recognized specialists in the fields of the Foundation’s concern.”

When evaluating funding option, it is always a good idea to research the jurors ahead of time. It is unfortunate the foundation does not provide more transparency surrounding the selection process because it would really help busy artists determine whether they should apply or not.

While the Pollock Krasner Grant application requires a lot of paperwork plus a detailed financial disclosure, they are a fantastic funding option for artists with strong resumes and a practice clearly based in traditional painting.

Emerging artists, artists seeking their first grants, and artists working in more cutting edge media may want to first consider applying for more attainable awards from such entities as Artadia, The Hopper Prize, or The Harpo Foundation prior to stepping up to the PKF. Getting one grant is often the hardest. It is more realistic to win larger grants after you have already received some, especially with traditional institutions like the Pollock Krasner Foundation, The Guggenheim Foundation, and the Gottlieb Foundation, where it is clear that your resume will play a huge rule in determining whether you win a grant.


  • Grant amounts from $5,000 to $30,000 (based on need as determined by the Foundation)
  • Great option for media specific artists working in painting
  • Rolling deadlines mean you can apply any time you’re ready
  • Extensive archive of past winners includes famous art stars and emerging artists alike


  • You must submit financial statements & tax documents in addition to your work
  • Complicated application process requires you to create a profile on their website
  • Jurors are not made public. Who is actually reviewing your application? Who decides grant winners?

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