Artist Grant Resource

This site is a resource for artists who are curious about the process of applying for and winning grants to support their art practice. I’ve compiled an overview of each of the major grants currently available and explained how the their applications work, what the awards include, what is truly required of you to submit your work, and most important: how to best approach each entity to increase your chances of putting together a winning application.

Why did I start this site?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get support for your art?

I can tell you from experience: receiving a check for a grant is an incredible feeling. I can also tell you from experience that in a lot of cases, the old-school institutions with the longest running programs do not respect your time and when you really look at what they require of you to apply, are almost never worth your energy.

Don’t believe me? You’ll be shocked when you run the numbers. Read on to find out why.

Current Funding Options for Artists & Photographers

Here are the institutions you’ve undoubtedly heard about providing artist grants. I’ve covered each one in depth. If you’re a stodgy academic artist who values your CV more than your work, you should probably stop reading now. The pages below include an honest report on each institution. By that I mean I have outlined the pros and cons of each one. These are not fluff pieces. These are detailed reports on these organizations.

Joan Mitchell Foundation

The Joan Mitchell Foundation supports visual artists through a range of grant programs.

Guggenheim Fellowship

One of the most prestigious forms of financial support available to artists

Creative Capital

Creative Capital: A Grant Opportunity for Tech-Centric Art Practicioners

Pollock Krasner Grant

Painting Centered Grants for Mid to Advanced Career Artists

Hopper Prize

Hopper Prize: Great Grant Opportunity for Artists to Connect with Curators

Siskind Fellowship

Prestigious Awards for Photographers

Artadia Awards

Unrestricted Place Based Grants

Harpo Foundation

Artist Backed Grants and Fellowships

Puffin Foundation

Funding for Underrepresented Artists and Organizations

Gottlieb Foundation

Grants for Late Career Artists